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On one bright Sunday morning, Salt ran eagerly toward Pepper’s house. In his hand, Salt held tight to a tattered flyer.
“Look at this!” Salt exclaimed almost out of breath.
Pepper scanned the flyer and replied, “How are you going to run a race with your bad knee? Or had you forgotten about your terrible bicycle accident?”
Salt made it a habit not to recall unpleasant events.
“I was only thinking about the swimming pool we could buy with the $100 winnings!” Salt replied excitedly.
“I don’t think it is a good idea” Pepper continued. “But if you must race, then you will need to train for it.”
“O-key dokey coach”, answered Salt.
“Oh no, I do not have the time to be your trainer. No way, no how, no sir!” insisted Pepper.
But once Pepper looked at Salt’s sad face, he knew what he had to do.
The next day Pepper was ready. He had his coach cap, matching sweat shirt and whistle hanging around his neck. He had even purchased a BPA-free water bottle for Salt.
But Salt was not at the designated training spot.
Instead Pepper found Salt asleep in bed.
“Get up!” Pepper said loudly, “How do you expect to win a race if all you want to do is sleep?!!”
“Awww,” yawned Salt. “What… Is it already time for the race?”
“No silly,” scoffed Pepper, “We are only in the training phase.”
“Oh OK if we must,” Salt said as he reluctantly got out of bed.
And off they went to train for the race. Pepper made Salt do stretches and push-ups…
…and sit ups and jump rope for two hours straight.
Then he made Salt run laps around the lake and timed him with a special digital watch.
The next morning was the big race, but when Pepper went to get Salt out of bed he couldn’t find him.
“Salt where are you?” Pepper cried.
“I am here,” replied a tiny faint voice.

There, lying on the floor on the other side of the bed was Salt.
“What has happened?” Pepper asked with concern as he helped Salt up.
“When I got up to get a drink of water, my bad knee buckled and I couldn’t get up,” Salt replied.
“I believe that I have trained you too hard,” Pepper said sadly. “I am truly sorry Salt. I thought that I was helping you, but instead I have hurt you.”
“It’s OK Pepper,” responded Salt. “I am only sad, because I wanted to win the swimming pool for you. I know that you have always wanted a swimming pool.”
“I have an idea!” Pepper suddenly yelled. “Here, climb onto my back.”
Salt got on Pepper’s back and Pepper ran as fast as his feet would carry him.
When Pepper crossed the finish line, he was completely out of breath. He looked up in anticipation, hoping and praying that they had won.
Salt already knew the answer and broke the news to Pepper,” I am sorry, but we did not win. We came in 2nd place.”
“That is OK,” answered Pepper, “We did our best.”
Then Turtle came up and congratulated Pepper and Salt on their heroic effort.
“Good race,” said Turtle. “We were all rooting for you. I hope that you will enjoy your 2nd place prize.”
Then Salt and Pepper could see Pig and Rabbit carrying a brand new plastic swimming pool, which had a 2nd place ribbon on it.
And Salt and Pepper just looked at each other and smiled.

The End.
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