Comprehension Skills

Here is a great graphic organizer to teach basic comprehension skills (link to PDF). After you read a story book to your child, ask them if they can remember the Title & Author of the book. If they don’t remember, point out the Title & the Author on the cover; then write them down in the lines provided. Then ask your child who the characters in the story were. If they don’t remember, refer to the pictures in the book and tell them to use the picture clues to get the answer. Then draw a picture of each character inside the Triangle Shape. (Remember, you don’t need to be a great artist. Stick figures will suffice.) Then write out the name of each character in the lines provided below the Triangle Shape. Sound out each letter as you write it or if your child knows how to write the letters, you sound it out & have them write it. Or you can always use a yellow highlighter & then they can trace the letters. Then ask them what the setting was or were the story took place. Again refer to the picture clues if they don’t remember. Draw the setting inside the Diamond Shape & write the setting in the lines provided below. Then ask them what the problem of the story was. Many times there will be more than one problem in a story. Ask them what the biggest problem was or what the turning point in the story was. Again draw a picture in the Square & write the problem in the lines below. Make sure to write a complete sentence for the Problem & the Solution. Complete the graphic organizer with the Solution. Have your child re-tell the story by using the graphic organizer to explain the characters, setting, problem & solution. If you do this often, your child will be able to complete the graphic organizer, pretty much on their own. Also after some practice, they will just complete it orally without even having to refer to the graphic organizer. This is a great strategy for basic comprehension & should be done as often as possible.