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Basic skills needed to start Kindergarten

Many people have asked me what a child should be able to do before entering Kindergarten. Here are a few basic skills needed that will ensure your child has a good start in school and will also make their Kinder teacher very happy.

Play a Game

A good game to play with your child is to match the capital letter with its lower case counterpart. This is easy to do. Just print the alphabet in upper and lower case, then cut them out. You can put them upside down for a challenge or just start with five at a time for younger children. This is a fun game for kids and it's free!

Reading Tips

1.) When reading with your child, remember to turn the pages slowly and ask your child to talk about the pictures.This is a good tip for checking for understanding.

2.) If your child asks you a question about the story, don't answer right away. Take the opportunity to ask them what they think the answer is.